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circuitbasics :আইচি বোৰৰ পিন কেনেকে উলিয়াবা

Open up a television or a radio and you'll see many parts that it's built around a printed circuit board (PCB): a bit like an electric street-layout with small circuit components (such as resistors and capacitors) in place of the buildings and printed copper connections linking them together like miniature metal streets. Circuit boards are fine in small appliances like this, but if you try to use the same tricks alike to build a complex electronic machine, such as a computer, you quickly hit a snag. 
So to get the  best of the small space IC or 
integrated circuit

Lets learn how to get the pins to follow a circuit diagram 

This is 555 EGG timer  it will shut off egg heater after time delay or it will BUZZ 

Lets  find the  pins of the IC ! 

555timer টোৰ পিন দেখাইছো , কাত তোৰে বাওঁপিনে ১নং পিন ... তাৰ পৰা ২,৩,৪...
একে দৰে CD4017(runing led IC) টোত পিন দেখিবা
কেতবোৰ আইছি দেখাত like Transistor ExampleUM66 : ( keeps jingle bell music )


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